News update about Morley College's OpenAthens Portal*

All Morley College students have an entitlement to access the College’s Library, open access computers, internet connection and online resources during the academic year they are enrolled.

Morley College has a number of online resources to support students’ learning, including OpenAthens and Moodle. Usage of resources depends on individual departments and OpenAthens is used most by Access, Art & Design and Music. If you do not wish to access any of these resources no further action is required and you do not need to activate your account.

Your Moodle account is currently a separate login from OpenAthens. Your username for Moodle and college computers is your eight digit student number. The login for OpenAthens is your student number with the prefix 'mor', alternatively you can use your email address as the username.

A link to the College's OpenAthens portal is provided in the main navigation above. A guide to the resources available via the College's OpenAthens portal is provided below.

*Portal: an Internet site providing access or links to other sites.