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  • Safeguarding and e-Safety

  • Safeguarding/Prevent

    Staff or Students should Inform the designated manager immediately if:

    ·        A student discloses that they are at serious risk of harm

    ·        A verified care professional contacts you about a student

    ·        Have any concerns about the above issues

    ·        Have any concerns or want to report practices of Radicalisation or Extremism


    Talk to a designated manager:

    Designated Senior Officer for Safeguarding:

    Wendy Charles-Martin Ext. 374 mobile 07950 497 330

  • The 4 C's of E-Safety


    Facebook Glasses

    Can be made via the Internet easily, and it can mean that people have access to groups they would not normally have access too.

    Be aware of making contact with people you do not know online.

    If you feel like you do need to make contact please take sensible precautions.

    Beware of inappropriate contact such as online grooming, physical assault, racial hatred or assault.

    If you feel unsure about contact that has been made via the internet please report the person either to the Police, a Parent, a teacher, or someone who can help you. If the contact is made via a social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace or Bebo, you can report the user via the website.


    This could be placed online illegally or inappropriately can lead to prosecution.

    If you are aware of any content online that is inappropriate e.g. images of a child, criminally obscene content or content containing racial hatred.

    If you publish inappropriate materials online, you are at risk of prosecution.

    Beware of publishing personal/confidential information about yourself or others as you maybe at risk.


    These are risks such as online gambling, inappropriate advertising and financial scams.


    This covers activities carried out by someone which is deliberately meant to upset someone. This could be via a social networking site, a website or mobile phone.

    Beware of cyberbullies, if you feel you are being bullied please talk to someone.

    If you believe upsetting information about someone/some thing (including the college or teachers within the college) are being published or inappropriate activities are occurring please report them to the Police, a Parent, or a teacher.

    Do not publish personal details or financial details online.

    Your bank/government/tax office would never contact you via email to ask for information.

    Beware of "phishing" and/or financial scams. If you feel you are at risk, please report it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

    • eSafe and Sound

      A guide to Internet safety produced by media students at Gateshead College

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