• General

    • Additional Learning Support

      Our Contact Details are:

      Kensington Centre: 020 7573 5340   
      Chelsea Centre: 0207 573 5340
      or email als@kcc.ac.uk

      We can offer support to students with:

      ü     Physical Disabilities

      ü     Sensory Impairments

      ü     General Learning Disabilities

      ü     Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia)

      ü     Autistic Spectrum Disorders

      ü     Attention Deficit Disorder

      ü     Mental Health difficulties

      ü     Medical conditions

      ü     Mobility issues

      We can provide help and information regarding:

      §        Admissions Communication support

      §        Physical access and support Individual support plans

      §        One to one personalised support both in class and out

      §        BSL Interpreter

      §        Note-takers

      §        Examination access arrangements

      Dyslexia Support

      Do you experience any of the difficulties below?

      If you do, pick up a pink referral form from reception or come and discuss this with the ALS team.

      • Careers Advice

        Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG)


        §        Educational and careers guidance (one-to-ones and workshops)

        §        Finance advice and support

        §        Work in partnership with other careers providers to deal specifically with 16–18 year olds

        §        Access to NARIC

        §        Tutorial support

        §        In-depth guidance sessions are available to students by appointment only: Monday to Friday, 10.00am–4.30pm. Students on evening courses can call the IAG service to make an appointment outside our service hours.




        Kensington: 020 7573 5325 / 020 7573 5307

        Chelsea: 020 7573 5245 / 020 7573 1517

        Email: info@kcc.ac.uk



      • Counselling

        Counsellors are available for students to discuss personal problems in a confidential setting. This may include emotional, practical or motivational problems at home, at college, at work or a combination of these. Sessions are held at the Kensington and Chelsea Centres but students attending any college centre are welcome to call the service.

        Need Help & Support?

           Do you suffer from?

        ·      Depression

        ·      Anxiety

        ·      Low self-esteem

        ·      Family or relationship problems

        Did you know that a free and confidential counselling service is available in the



        Phone: 0207 573 5358 or  07753 327 390 

        email:  counsellor@kcc.ac.uk for an appointment