Printing Services


The library has new printing system.

Printing Costs

A4 Black & White = 5p

A3 Black & White = 5p

A4 Colour = 10p

A3 Colour = 10p

Check that your settings are correct before printing.  You should send your work to the following printer when working in the library: Chelsea Centre - iPA-HLIB-MPC3004ex, Kensington Centre - iPA-WLIB-M4501 or iPA-WLIB-SP340.  Black & White/Colour printing can be changed in the Print Properties menu.  If you are unsure on how to do this speak to a member of library staff.


Photocopy machines can be found at both libraries as well as throughout the college.  You can copy by purchasing a photocopy cardfrom the issue desk.  Cards must be inserted into the machine to use the photocopier.

The following copy cards are available:

10 Unit Card - 50p

50 Unit Card - £2

100 Unit Card - £4

500 Unit Card - £20


1 A4 Black & White = 1 Unit

1 A3 Black & White = 2 Units

1 A4 Colour = 5 Units

1 A3 Colour = 10 Units

Chelsea photocopying  Costs

A4 Black & White = 2p

A3 Black & White = 4p

A4 Colour = 10p

A3 Colour = 20p

Important: Keep your copy card away from other cards containing a magnetic strip and do not bend.  We recommend you store it behind your student card on your lanyard.  We do not issue refunds on photocopy cards.


You must use laminates supplied by the Library.  Certain laminates are unsuitable as they melt inside the machine causing expensive damage. 

The laminating machines at each centre differ, please refer to the instructions which are displyed next to each machine.


Binding machines are available to use at both centres.  Front/back covers and binding combs are available to buy from each library at a total cost of 60p.  If you are unsure on how to bind speak to a member of library staff or see the instructions here.

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