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You will be required to hand print versions of your assignments to the library. You must submit your assignment in the assignment drop box by the Library before 3 pm. You must add the assignment cover-sheet specific to the particular assignment and the library assignment bar-code sheet.

The drop box will be emptied once a day at 3 pm. After 3 pm the bar code on the work handed in will be scanned and you will receive an automatic email confirming that your work has been received.

If your do not get this email, you should report the problem to library. If you submit your work after 3 pm the bar code will be scanned the following day and therefore if you hand work in after 3 pm on the deadline your work will be recorded as being a day late.

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You will need to do this before a specific date and time specified by your tutor.

To ensure your hand-in is quick and stress-free:

Allow plenty of time to print and submit your work (printing facilities will be in high demand and there may be queues to hand in work)

Ensure you have included all pages and inserts in a plastic wallet  before you hand in your work

Check and proofread your assignment (once submitted you cannot amend your work)

You need to complete a cover sheet for every assignment you submit at the library.  

Your library assignment cover sheet is your receipt - please keep this as proof of submission. Please only use the assignment help desk to hand-in work.

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